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Love ❤️ is more than…

25 Aug

So I had taken a break from posting. I felt like I didn’t have much to say for I had said a lot. Well at least I thought however I came to the conclusion that I need to say more.

So instead of just posting about relationship stuff, I’m going to post more about love ❤️. Yes the things we do for love. The reaction of love. The meaning of love. The feeling of love.

Love is life. Love is what makes you transform and grow in life. On the other hand, lack of love can make a person go crazy, a lack of love can make a person react in negative ways. A lack of love can make you wanna holler and throw up your hands, as brother Marvin said rip. Yes he even gave up and got out cause he never got that love from the man he tried to please. I’m not talking about God but his father. Hate is real. Hate took him out. The caused reaction by his actions.

Love is real. The real test is how you manage that in your life. Many don’t have it or know how to utilize it in their lives.

Look at our current leader. He’s a larger reflection of how it looks when you don’t have love in your life. He was raised in an environment where he probably wasn’t told that he was special and loved. So other things took the place of that like ego, money, social status and envy.

It’s important for parents to tell their children how much they love them. It’s important for these children to grow up and learn how to love others unconditionally. It’s important to know how to love yourself when you’re not being honored by others for the highest good.

For now on I will post more love content. Every song has a reference to love, everybody is seeking love in some way. Love is universal.

Today I chose to love ❤️ even when I feel at times it’s a lost cause. Always believe in yourself. Always believe in love. Hang in there.


Interesting Facts!

8 Sep

I was going to write and article in a few regarding this. I guess its confirmation that I speak out about it rather than not. Thanks to my SiStar Zanetta Tribble El for your knowledge. 

One thing that is certain in life is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The universe will give you many signs and symbols that cue you it’s time to move on to the next stage. When you don’t listen or take heed and stay in relationships or situations that no longer serve you for your greater good, the universe has a way of knocking you on your ass so you have no choice but to look at it for what it truly is and not what you want or hope it will be. And hopefully you listen then and can walk away with the lesson…

More to come… Stay tuned…


The Comeback

18 Aug


Why many artists don’t do a comeback. 

In writing this title I wanted to be very clear in my direct meaning of what I am going to explain. Many fans clamor in anticipation to hear their favorite artists redo or review their favorite songs, often times they’re not prepared for what goes on behind closed doors. It takes a lot of preparation and stamina to go back on stage. Combined the pressures of reality along with the artist’s own insecurities, most of them decline to participate in a comeback. While a few artists do well, some of them may receive more accolades than before. Many feel rusty in whatever category and the negativity may often manifest into shock and talk amongst fans.

This can also be the same aspect when it comes to dating. After being on hiatus how can one successfully come back in a winning way? It takes work of a productive strategy that can allow room for growth and development.

Take Jane for example. Jane was in an abusive relationship that ended over four years ago. During the break, she worked on herself by healing and decided it was time to jump back in the dating pool. Jane approached the dating aspect in a positive way and begin meeting people. She met one guy that over time took a serious liking to. This guy also like Jane however, he was not thoroughly clear on what he wanted in a relationship which caused some confusion on her part.  He strung her along and stop returning her calls. No more dates. Jane feeling perplexed about the whole thing thought that maybe she didn’t have all the right traits for dating and decided to retreat back into herself.  She did not seek or participate in any sociable activities that involved the opposite sex,  it felt awkward for her to do so.

Jane was like the artist who struggled for a failed comeback attempt. They both became complacent with the past belief that nothing gets better even if you try hard enough to make it possible.

What made them different from the successful artist that did do well was having the resilience and ability to adaptation. You can’t have one component without the other. Jane met a string of guys which gave validation to her fears that dating is a waste of time. But she let that defined her story and settle out of the game. Jane could have been better prepared for her heart and time by being upfront and asking them what they wanted in the first place. Had they said something that didn’t resonate with her then it was in Jane’s power to create something different. By saying thanks but no thanks to them, the strategy of success would have been what she wanted to see. Or like the artist that decided to get help by utilizing a coordinator and vocal coach. Their grand debut would have been more of a celebrated win.

When we make preparations for planning, make sure the goals matches the actions. Sometimes you can be on the path following the plan accordingly and may still be misdirected or having to forego what was initiated. That’s ok, don’t run instead retreat briefly and make a new plan.

Chances are the more you work through the problem, the solution appears and eventually it will all work out for your greater good. Don’t hide away steal the spotlight and embrace the change!


I Ain’t Got No Type…

6 Aug

All I do is swipe, swipe, swipe… SwipeReally? Let’s talk. Social media has taken over many aspects of our lives. 90% of our time involve some form of social media, whether we are checking the latest news or who’s who amongst the whom… Yes, I said it in that manner. Social media have also infiltrate the delicate world of dating. 

Like reality shows, dating has become the venue of competition. If you’re new to the dating scene you might feel like a bench warmer during the off-season game. However even the contenders have some form of social anxiety and difficulties when utilizing this platform of dating and developing a relationship.

Before you try out for the Olympics, there are some tips to consider as you embark on this journey. Run!!!!! Haha at times running is your best option. So many ads, not enough potential. This may have you running to your therapist on a weekly basis.

Now this post is for the hopefuls. This post is not for those who think they have it together or knowledge of why you don’t need to be dating, etc, etc. These rule makers are killjoy in the making.

Are you still here? Great you didn’t run far, so I will tell you my perspective on how to maintain sanity and balance while dating in the millennium.

  1. Know what you want, then prepare for revision… You should always know what your wants and desires are. Once you find potential dating profiles realize that your list will be revised for many are exaggerated and pump up to gain the advantage and attention of the potential interest. Let’s vision Catfish on Crack! They may have fluff up something about themselves which is usually their employment, weight, height, location, age, and interests. If you can settle with the acceptance that potential is really 5’3 versus 5’8, then hold on and see how it progresses going forward. If something else comes up like another lie or exaggeration then it is sign of a red flag and you should run for it.
  2. Make sure you get clarity… See one potential profile may tell you that they are looking to have a serious relationship. But once they meet you, the interest may only be fleeting for the moment. Only wanting a sexual relationship. Know what you want. Do not get discourage if that potential is no longer harboring the promising trait they once had. This a sign to disconnect and move on. You will be glad that you did and not waste anymore of your valuable time.
  3. Once clarification is clear, keep a positive mindset about the process… It takes time to form a relationship that is of worth and value. If you encounter any disappointments, whereby it seem promising but went bust. Do not allow that to discourage you. Anything of quality takes time and that non potential did you a favor by existing out of your life. You want success and that takes work. Once you master dating in a Social Media Era, know in time you will achieve your goal.

Roz Random Quotes

17 Jan

It’s so easy,
To think about love, 
To talk about love, 
To wish for love, 
But it’s not always easy,
To recognize love, 
Even when we hold it
 In our hands.
                                           – Jaka

Roz Random Quotes

10 Jan

“Love is like a flower,

English: Photograph of a pomegranate flower, w...

you’ve got to let it grow.”

          – John Lennon

Don’t Be Boo Boo The Fool…

9 Jan
Image-wedding and engagement ring 200

I do! Do you?

 I spent another weekend night catching up on some reality tv shows. While watching one show,  I was unexpectedly surprised by the outcome of this episode. On this episode the producers reveled into this famous hip-hop couple’s relationship. They have been together for over 7 years which is common law in most states. The girlfriend is complaining that her boyfriend hasn’t propose to her. Through all the lady gatherings, brunches and mommy dearest heart to hearts, her boyfriend finally proposed. A happy ending to this story right? Nope I don’t think so. Anything force will not serve the purpose to lasting happiness. Let me explain as it’s time for a reality check and a real synopsis of this situation called “engagement”.

We all know once a woman hits 30 she is in desperate attempt to have  marriage and a family option in her life. It doesn’t matter what race, ethnicity, or background she comes from, women in society are expected to meet this goal by 30. Yes talk about PRESSURE!!! And if the woman doesn’t want that in her life at the moment she is consistently told how she should pursue that goal called “marriage” because father time isn’t on her side.

No wonder there are so many dysfunctional relationships out there. We rush the process and don’t have a sense of purpose in developing a lasting partnership.

THE PROBLEM: Let’s call her Lisa. Lisa is pushing 40. No children and no ring options. She has an image to keep up and thinks her boyfriend is playing around. Her boyfriend, lets call him John has adapt to the partnership lifestyle but doesn’t feel the need to make a legal commitment. I’m sure he loves her but his freedom to self is more important than walking down the aisle and saying I do.

With her constant crying, pressure, withholding and temper tantrums. She was able to twist his arms with a ring. And what made her look silly on the show was that she had to ask him to put the ring on her finger. He did a lot of stuff half -ass. Yes I said it! He didn’t even feel compel to place the ring on her finger. He’s probably thinking let me do this so can stay in good graces with her and not mess up my comfort factor.

WHAT HAPPEN: Lisa didn’t allow him to be a man or take charge with the idea of getting married. He showed her that he was push and shoved into her decision-making which is not a good look. Some people prefer their mates to take charge and be the aggressor in the relationship. Lisa is the aggressor to her man who is an aggressor in everything else but his feelings of conviction. More than likely the scenario will play out with him getting fed up and leaving her to mend her wounds.  Or he may reluctantly stay in a relationship to save face and his pockets.

It’s ok to want a commitment if that’s what you wish. But the key ingredients to a successful relationship is total commitment from both parties. Both parties have to agree upon their desires and what they want out of the relationship. If marriage is the goal great! If one isn’t ready or want that in their life it’s not going to work. Plain and simple.

Why waste your time with someone who isn’t ready or wants to be with you? For most relationships 4 to 5 years is enough time to figure out if your partner is in it for the long run. If you’re not sure ask. If you still don’t see adequate results or a guided direction with the relationship, then its time to put on your dancing shoes and step out of his or her’s life. Obviously you’re not that important to them. If you were, it would have happen when it supposed to happen. It goes both ways for men and women who are looking for a commitment.

When you find the right partner, the fear and lack of freedom will not be an issue because you all will be on the same page. Don’t get discouraged keep hope alive and stay encouraged. A delay is not a denial.

“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.” – Douglas Pagels

Roz Random Quotes…

15 Feb
An image of a person playing the poker varient...

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“You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em. Know when to walk away, know when to run!”

–Kenny Rogers “The Gambler

Living On Fantasy Island…Without An Escape Route

25 Jan

When it comes to love, there is no such thing as smooth sailing.

Remember the popular 80’s tv show called “Fantasy Island”? It was a show about people getting away from their own lives, escaping to lived out their fantasies. While the show made for great tv viewing, to actually have a real-life fantasy island would be a total disaster.
I’m using this as a context for love. Let me explain.  Often times most women have unrealistic expectations of love. But this theory was not created entirely by us. As young girls, we’re told in all media sources that a wonderful man will swept you off your feet and give you a life that is happily ever after.
While this maybe true for 2% of the population, the other 98% is living in total chaos of why things aren’t going the way as they expected. When it comes to love, it’s more comfortable to live in a fantasy than reality.
I have a friend name Patty. Patty is a wonderful friend. She gives from her heart and has compassion and integrity. Unfortunately Patty is living in a fantasy situation. Patty went from a good relationship to a decent relationship. I call it decent for a reason, but I will save that for another blog topic.
Anyway, Patty had a time span of a year in between those two relationships. That is great because it allowed her to heal from one and gave her time to get into another relationship. After her last affair, Patty disappeared to Fantasy Island. Patty rarely appears at gatherings. Her comfort has been Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Netflix. While I don’t have a problem with either, Patty isn’t allowing herself to deal with the reality of being single. Instead Patty is conquering up images of herself and famous A-list actors as  relationship standards. These guys have no clue she exists. Patty has no clue that good men are there waiting to meet her. I guess that’s the commonality Patty and the actors have.

I asked Patty if she was happy with the current state her of lack-luster love life. She said no. I then asked her what was she going to do about it? She couldn’t give me an answer. She also told me a few men have approach her with quick convo and interest to go further. Patty told me she gave them all the death stare and scared them away. She has conditioned herself into thinking that it’s okay to live like that.
Patty hasn’t accepted the fact that dating is a process and the first date may or may not be successful. She hasn’t learned that to have happiness in love she has to deal with reality first. Her reality is too painful for her to deal, so she resorts to having a fantasy love affair with secret crushes. The fantasy allows her to control the outcome the way she wants its. I encouraged Patty to step outside her comfort zone. At this moment she’s considering it as an option. That’s a good start!

WHAT HAPPEN: Patty felt due to her last relationship and over analyzing some flaws, she chose to be alone for a while. While it was ok for her to initially have those feelings, it became a problem when she wanted to hide away and not have a social life. She became complacent with staying home alone on a Saturday night watching dvd’s. The thought of even going out for drinks made her uncomfortable. Her social awkwardness became a part of her cliché and the reality that nobody gets her. The real fantasy is that it’s all in her head.

YOUR ROLE: Dating isn’t an easy process. If it was everybody would be partnered up. However we tend to allow the past to affect our future. In the present moment, we need to check what we can do different to bring new results. If we adopt the positive aspect of things going right for us, we will gradually get to the place that is necessary in being. Garnering us to see actual proof and results that we will like and enjoy.

It’s okay to pause, but staying in that place for too long will not allow opportunity for growth. Growth comes from a source of pain and joy. Once we learn how to accept both and take action we will be better off in the long run. That’s the reality.