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Recognize Your Moment

12 Apr

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When it’s your time are you ready? I had a wonderful opportunity to work in a creative industry with an opportunity to grown within a mainstream company. At the time I envision how my life would be and where it would go if partake in this career field.

While waiting for the phone call. I decided to focus my interest elsewhere to take up my time. Months passed and I finally got the call. But guess what, I didn’t follow through like I was supposed to. Why?  Because I was too busy dealing with the fear of my ego. Yes my ego was telling me that I wasn’t “experienced” enough to embark in this field. That competition would become rampant and my life would be full of constant awkward moments of trying to blend and adept in a crowd that I wasn’t familiar with.

So the opportunity  fell through. As I realized it was what I really wanted, I reached out and tried to gain my reëntry in the door. It didn’t happen. After multiple emails and calls the interest from the other party wasn’t there anymore. They picked someone else to feel the void. Now the same thing that was occupying my time turn out to be a pain in the arse, while I’m constantly having some king of regret on missing out on my opportunity. Plus I’m stuck in a dead-end job with no room for growth or advancement. Plus I surrounded by many chiefs and very few indians. I have too many people telling me what to do etc… You get my drift. Let me stop right here and get back to the point. Are you ready?

When it comes to love. Many times we want an opportunity to date or find a mate who will supply us with our needs and wants. It’s only natural to have that wish. However we mess up when the opportunity arrives and we intentionally let it pass us by. Either through fear, doubt or unnecessary expectations that delays our time in getting to the outcome of a successful relationship.

I seen it many times through my friends and peers. They want a guy to ask them out. The guy does and they find fault in the first date or the moment without allowing flexibility in their perceptions. Now I’m not talking about settling, no way! I’m talking about how we pray and wish upon a star for the blessing and then think we don’t deserve it when it arrives.

THE SOLUTION: Why not step out on faith and give opportunity a try? What I should have done was accept the offer and deal with the obstacles from there. Who knows, I may not have any and it could have been all in my head. But to give up without trying is a perfect recipe for failure. Failure in all things including love.

If you met a wonderful person and not sure if you should take a chance. Trust your hunch. If you prayed on it, more likely it’s for you. Life doesn’t always give us warnings. But it can give you a glimpse of the blessings to come. When it happens will you be ready to take it or will you let it pass by?

My suggestion carry on and deal with it fearlessly.