The Switch-Up! Beware…

10 Oct

The CellI have a dear friend who is still recovering from her recent break-up. It happened out of the blue for her. Constantly going over the mishap being the Inspector Gadget personality type. At times I want to tell her to cheer up but honestly, I can understand what she’s going through.

I see the different emotions she is going through. One day she’s hopeful, other times she’s depressed. At times she wants to move on. Other times she wants to contact her ex. It’s common to feel that way. For her it was unexpected, he just stopped calling her.

While you can’t avoid jerks 100% (even if you’re psychic lol), there are some signs that can help you in the long run from potential disaster.

  1. Do your homework– While dating asks a lot of questions. Why? Because clarity will come to you about your situation. There are no stupid questions, listen I made a mistake once of believing a guy I was dating was over his ex. While he told me he was over her and ready for a fresh start, he wasn’t. I didn’t ask the important questions like how long were they separated. Or a really good question that would have reveal everything… If she wanted you back would you go back? Darn it! Because I didn’t get clarity, I played myself. Womp, womp… Yes I did… I’m not ashamed to admit that. But hopefully, my experience will help someone else who may be dealing with something similar in their life.
  2. Pay attention to the signs– If he/she starts one way with you then all of sudden do something different. Usually, that means that he/she is no longer interested in you and have either moved on with someone else or change their mind altogether. If this happens don’t bother with getting closure. They won’t tell you the truth anyway and you’re wasting time with finality.
  3. KIM-Keep It Moving- It’s ok if you get knocked down and your feelings are hurt. Eventually, you will recover. With that being said you have to rebound and go forward. Don’t allow the situation to keep you defeated. Make sure you do not allow it to taint your potential and future opportunities as well. Trust in time things will work out to your advantage. Think of it like this, you can’t lose and winning will be in your cards soon enough. Prepare to celebrate the win, cause one who encountered many defeats will soon become a winner by expertise.

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