The Light… 

7 Sep

You didn’t appreciate my light. It may have been a little too bright. So I disconnected and unplugged.

By doing so I saved my wattage, cause my bulb can’t be replace.

-Roz Roberts  written 08/16

Continue to be in your own special place. There are many beings out there that will not be appreciated and adorned in the way that life had intended it to be. While disappointing don’t commit to an era of defeat. Stay true to your form. Don’t second guess yourself. Many may tell you what you did wrong or what you could have done correctly. However you know yourself, honor it! Appreciate your wattage but know that some may not be able to handle it. Continue to shine your light brightly til some other special being gets you and only you will understand why all this occurred in the first place. 

No matter how it looks success is inevitable, claim it! 


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